8 Content Marketers to Follow in 2017

Designing an effective online marketing strategy is key for creating continuous business growth. Businesses often rely on content marketers like myself to design marketing strategies, reach their prospects and growth-hack their businesses.

These days, you’ll find many marketing clowns parading themselves as experts when they can’t achieve any sustainable marketing results even if their lives depend on it. Again, I’ve seen many really good content marketers who become complacent about their progress or success and then go outdated. There are also marketers who follow trends and continuously try to keep up with the changing landscape.

And then there are those who are in an “elite” category of their own. These are marketers who get real results, create trends, challenge conventional wisdom and continuously push the limit. Not only are these folks building their own businesses and influence, they also serve as educators and provide inspiration to marketers and entrepreneurs everywhere.

Meet the eight content marketing thought leaders I’m following closely this year. These top content marketers are worth their salt and are some of the marketing, thought leadership and innovative best of their generation.


Joel Contartese is the Managing Partner of Media Monsters and has managed over 10 million dollars in influencer marketing budgets and acquired over 50 million followers for some of the world’s top brands including Flavor God, Shredz, Skinny Bunny Tea, Aloha and Lyfe Tea.

Shredz was the first company to heavily monetize Instagram, and Contartese led that strategy. Interestingly, the blueprint he and his team built is now being used by companies like Sugar Bear Hair and Fit Tea.

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