About Me

Network Architect + Brand Strategist

E-commerce Business Development Expert
50m+ acquired followers
10M+ Dollars in influencer management spend

I guess you could say I’ve made a few connections along the way.

Before I am a business person, I am a connector and a solution finder. My expertise is in digital advertising, partnerships, and monetizing social media at scale.

I believe connecting people is the most valuable and misunderstood element of business, especially among young companies. I was fortunate enough to learn at a young age the secret to accelerating behaviors by building authentic, valuable relationships. An interesting thing happens when you care about people.


I came to the United States when I was very young. I wasn’t a citizen yet, so I didn’t have access to things like financial aid for college, nor did I have the ability to work. I had to create new pathways to success, and I was able to do so through the generosity of others, who donated their time, knowledge, and mentorship to me. Oh, and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit.


All of the most successful people around me were giving people, and when I began giving more than I asked for, I ended up living a life of abundance. This is what I do for businesses.

I give away my expertise, help them give more to their customers, and ultimately that value circles back to fuel everyone’s success.

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